Michelle Prader-Gates Is Proud, Determined, and Supportive

Michelle Prader-Gates recently talked with Boost Oxygen about her and her families fitness journey. A great read!

She says, “My family heritage is largely Mediterranean/Italian/Sicilian so the idea of the “Mediterranean Diet” is how I grew up. Luckily, along with this, my parents were pro-active with always trying new things and doing things naturally; or more naturally – whether it be with foods or with supplements. It is because of this willingness to try, that I recently discovered Boost Oxygen.

I have been physically active in something extra since I was 3 years old, I met my husband in my 20’s as I was working in a muscle head gym. Gator (beautifully aged to a ripe 54) is a bodybuilder on the cusp of getting his Pro card and Pro status @gatorfit247 @gatorfitness247 with NPC/IFBB Bodybuilding.  My children are all three in physical exercise activities. My oldest son Chase is 24 @chasethebeastgates has a disability (Mosaic Downs Syndrome) and he is a competitive bodybuilder – he is also nationally ranked and competes in the NPC/IFBB Bodybuilding circuit.”  Read more.

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